Rates & Rules

Seasonal Camping

The Woodlands Miami Beach Campground is private property with no public access. It’s amenities are available only to seasonal campers.

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Rules & Regulations

We appreciate your patronage and we want your stay at Miami Beach to be pleasant and comfortable. This campground is privately owned and operated, offering a fun family atmosphere. Rules and regulations are set forth and enforced by management to ensure the welfare, safety and enjoyment by all clients.

Seasonal Camping Guide

Your co-operation will ensure our campground has a pleasant living environment for everyone!

Sec 1 – Rental Policy

The rent allows 5 months residency (May 1st to September 30th) or nearest weekend on site and 7 months storage on site. Rent plus GST is due and payable by April 30th of each year without penalty. If balance is not paid in full by May 1st the site will not be renewed. The site must be cleaned out within two weeks. If sites are not cleaned within the two week period, proceedings for your eviction will begin immediately. One seasonal vehicle pass will be issued to the resident, however if the resident owner requires an additional pass it may be purchased from the office (some conditions apply). All vehicles must have a valid pass before entering the park. Residents are not allowed to rent or sublet their cabins to anyone. Violations will result in automatic evictions.

Sec 2 – Rules Regarding Deposit

A deposit of $200.00 is required and due by September 1st of each year. This deposit is applied to the rental fees for the following year and is non-refundable. If the deposit is not received on or before the due date, it will be assumed your site is not required for the following year and all possessions must be removed prior to closing date.  Any trailer/5th wheel/ cabana and or personal items remaining on the site after closing date will be disposed by Woodlands Miami Beach in their absolute discretion.

Sec 3 – Refunds

Refunds will be given only for certain medical or emergency reasons and is at the discretion of management. If refund is granted, it will be prorated using the current monthly rates in effect at the time of failing to complete the term. Management may offset costs or charges against any refunds due to the resident.

Sec 4 – Selling of Unit

Unit owners must notify management of their intent to sell prior to any advertising and receive authorization for the unit to remain on site once sold. Trailers of inadequate appearance will not receive authorization to remain in Miami Beach. Potential buyers must be approved by management prior to the final sale. “For Sale” signs must be posted on the unit (not on lot) or listed on the bulletin boards provided. If a detailed list of features is provided to management regarding the sale, management will assist you in selling your unit. This list will also allow potential buyers to enter the park at no charge to view your unit. Selling a unit is not a reason for failing to comply with the rental policy and rent must be paid in full prior to the final sale transaction or before the trailer can be removed from the park. Unit owners are responsible for showing and selling their units.  Once the unit is sold it is the responsibility of the seller to inform the new owners of the unit where their water hook up is, as well as where the breakers for hydro is for their unit and also how to winterize their units.

Sec 5 – Purchasing a previously owned trailer in Miami Beach

As a prospective buyer, please check with the management of Miami Beach to ensure all rent and charges (if any) have been paid in full and that permission has been given for unit to remain on site. The market place has a “let the buyer beware” attitude, so it is wise to review carefully before completing any transaction. Delinquent rents or expenses will become the responsibility of the new owner and must be paid within 10 days of taking ownership.

Sec 6A – Hydro

Every electrical site is supplied with a minimum of 30-amp service. This is the power required for RV’s. If the breaker kicks off because of an overload of appliances, the resident will be required to reduce their power demand. Power will be turned on May 1st and remain on until September 30th or nearest weekend. October 1st to April 30th is considered off-season. Air condition units, heaters, and patio lights (including ones on timers) must be turned off when you are away or when retiring for the evening. Management asks for your co-operation to conserve energy and keep electrical costs down as they directly affect seasonal fees.

Sec 6B – Water

Water will be turned on or off as weather dictates and at management’s discretion.

Sec 7 – Refuse Collection

All garbage must be placed in garbage bags and deposited in garbage containers. THE GARBAGE CONTAINERS ARE FOR HOUSEHOLD GARBAGE ONLY!! The municipal dump requires garbage to be sorted i.e.) steel, wood, general. Please do not place furniture, swings, tires, etc… in the garbage containers. Leaves are to be bagged and left at the curb of your site for pick up by management. Anyone disposing leaves and/or household furniture will receive a $25.00 fine. Arrangements with management for a fee must be made to pick up large items for disposal. Burning of leaves is absolutely forbidden.  Anyone caught burning leaves will be fined.

Sec 8 – Trees and Bush

Absolutely no clearing of brush or trees located within the campground. Removal, cutting down or destroying any trees on the grounds whether they are dead or alive is strictly prohibited unless prior approval has been obtained from management. When installing patio lights, rope fences or clothes lines, please use garden hose around rope/cord to protect the tree and check yearly as tension will have to be adjusted as the tree grows. Damaging trees will result in charges.

Sec 9 – Sewage

Absolutely NO DUMPING of raw sewage unless in designated areas. All raw sewage must be disposed in proper receptacles or sewer drains provided. Disposal of raw sewage on open ground or sump holes below the trailer is not permitted. Any person caught in violation will be financially responsible for all clean up (including the excavation and replacement of contaminated soil) and will be evicted immediately without refund.

Sec 10 – Site Maintenance

Residents are responsible for maintaining a neat and clean appearance of their site. No open storage is allowed (in front or behind unit) and if personal property is stored under the trailer, adequate skirting must be installed. Management reserves the right to assess sites annually and to charge cleaning fees. All improvements to the site are the financial responsibility of the resident and must not be destroyed or removed when selling or moving out. The site must remain in the same or better condition than it was received in. The exterior of the trailers and cabanas must be maintained all times. Management must approve all additions or improvements to the site or unit(s) prior to construction. A sketch of intentions, including measurements must be given to management for approval. Also a sketch must be provided to the municipality and approved by the municipality before construction. Residents are responsible for their own grass cutting and weed control and must supply their own equipment to do so. Vehicle washing or repairs are not allowed within the campground.

Sec 11 – Parking

Vehicle parking space must remain available on your designated site.  Parking is restricted to a maximum of two vehicles per site.  Extra parking space is available outside the front gate or inside the gate in the parking lot.

Sec 12 – Pets

All pets must be kept on a leash, tied up, caged or under physical control at all times. Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets, be sure to carry a bag when taking your pet for a walk. Excessive barking is not permitted at any time. All pets are not permitted on the beach or in playground at any time, day or night. Any violation of pet rules will result in a written warning, three warnings and the pet will not be allowed into the campground or eviction will apply.

Sec 13A – Excessive Noise

Miami Beach is a Sub-Woofer free zone. Turn your subs off before you enter the campground and do not use your subs on your home stereos. Excessive noise is not permitted at any time. Please observe the campground quiet time between 11:00pm and 9:00am. Quiet times for the use of loud equipment, lawn mowers, air conditioners, radios and generators etc. are prohibited between 9:00pm and 9:00am.

Sec 13B – Off Road Vehicles

Quads, Go-carts, Trikes, Mini Bikes, Dirt Bikes, Gas Powered Remote Control Toys etc ARE NOT ALLOWED. Electric Golf carts will be allowed because they can be easily seen by other vehicles. Anyone deemed by management to be driving irresponsibly will lose their privileges. No one under 16yrs of age is allowed to drive golf carts unless accompanied by parent or legal guardian. Gas powered golf carts are not allowed in the campground except for the carts that have been grandfathered in. Gas carts that are grandfathered in cannot be resold to anyone in the campground. Loud gas powered golf carts that are grandfathered in will also fall under the excessive noise rule – See Section 13A. Be very aware that the 10 Km rule applies to golf carts also.

Sec 14 – Disturbances

Any disturbance, which intrudes on other campers, is not permitted. The registered site owner is responsible for all persons on their site. Disturbances include damaging property, fighting, screaming, loud music, using insulting or obscene language, drunkenness, etc. Visiting guests must be sponsored in by a seasonal camper. The seasonal camper will be responsible for any disorderly conduct of the visitor. Should there be a confrontation or disturbance between two seasonals, we will listen to each complaint individually and make a decision and ruling as to who is responsible and there will be consequences.  It is important that all of our seasonals feel safe and not threatened in our campground.  If anyone is verbally offensive or abusive to any of our seasonals, we will be judge, jury and executioner and will act immediately.  The severity of the offense will dictate how we will react and our word is final.

Sec 15 – Curfew

All children of 16 years of age or younger must be in their campsites by 11:00pm unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Sec 16 – Vandalism

Vandalism of any kind to the grounds, buildings, trees or other camper’s property will not be tolerated and will result in automatic and permanent eviction of Miami Beach. The costs related to the damages and possible legal action will be charged to the individual(s) responsible and/or present at the time of vandalism took place. The individual that was present and witnessed the vandalism will not be charged for damages if he/she reports the vandalism to management immediately. If payment is not received, the registered site owner of whom the individual resides or is a guest of will be held responsible for the full amount owing.

Sec 17 – Eviction

When an eviction occurs, no refund will be given for the unused portion of the permit.

Sec 18 – Children

Children regularly play and bike ride within the campground. Please use extreme caution when driving your vehicle or moving your camper.

Sec 19 – Speed Limit

Maximum speed limit of 10km/hr will be enforced at all times. Remember drinking and driving or diving without a license is illegal and not permitted within the campground. Anyone violating this rule will be asked to leave immediately. Please be advised that this applies to golf carts also. Speeding fines and/or card deactivation will apply to anyone caught speeding through the campground.

Sec 20 – Picnic Tables

Management does not supply picnic tables to seasonals.

Sec 21 – Campfires

Campfires are permitted in designated fire pits only and fire pits must be placed away from trees and bush. Campfires must be kept under control and be supervised at all times. Remember that it is absolutely forbidden to burn leaves in your fire pit.

Sec 22 – Firearms / Weapons / Fire-works

All are strictly prohibited

Sec 23 -Cannabis and Illegal Drugs

Illegal drugs are absolutely not allowed within the campground.  Cannabis is legal, however you are not allowed to smoke it anywhere but on your site.  It is absolutely not allowed in the park/playground, mini golf, on the beach or at any gatherings i.e.) Bingo, Silent Auction, Horseshoes, Bean Bag, Dances etc. and especially where children are around.  Please be discreet and have respect for your neighbours.

Sec 24 – Beach Address

All buildings must have their address visible on the front of their building.  In cases where you have a holding tank, your address number must be on your building and front and back of holding tank and must be visible, so as when we order a pump out we assure the driver will pump out the right tank.  Management will not be held responsible for tanks that have not been pumped out.

Sec 25 – Medical Assistance

In the event of injury, the staff or management will help you obtain medical assistance.

AED (automated external defibrillator) are located on north and south sides of the beach in case of emergency. Please inquire with management for the exact location.  Staff and management have been trained for the use of the AED Defibrillators.